On a Prayer of the clergy and consecrated persons

Beautiful is the prayer that we invoke to our priests and our consecrated persons in the country and elsewhere in this year specially dedicated to them. “We pray that the Gospel may urge us to action, to witness to charity and compassionate service.” The best witness that the priests and the consecrated persons could give, […]

Sacramental Brotherhood towards sharing goods in common

Sacramental Brotherhood of the (Diocesan) Clergy, if lived well, could lead cultivate the mentality of sharing their goods concretely in common. “Priests by virtue of their ordination to the priesthood are united among themselves in an intimate sacramental brotherhood. In individual dioceses, priests form one priesthood under their own bishop. Even though priests are assigned […]

Madonna and Child: What’s this Statuette all about 

Congratulations! Please take care of this MADONNA and CHILD. It is personally hand-carved from kiln dried (Santol) wood having unique features that has no duplicate anywhere in the world. This statuette could outlast you and could serve as inheritance for the next generation. Design inspired by: Centro Ave, Loppiano, ITALY Envisioned and conceptualized by: Fr. […]

Priestly Identity, its actualization and preservation

It is true that the only High Priest is Christ and all the ordained and the laity participates in this same Priesthood. On the one hand, both are essentially distinct. Nevertheless, on the other hand, Lumen Gentium n. 32 says that “the distinction which the Lord made between sacred ministers and the rest of the […]