Contemporary Martyrs, a silent witness of God’s power

“I am a Christian, and I have only one life. If I have a thousand lives, I will still offer it to Christ.” These were the words recorded in the court where our first canonized Filipino saint, Lorenzo Ruiz a martyr in Japan, said in front of a grueling investigation facing the danger of death […]

My prayers to all the people of Marawi: for all those who were kidnapped, taken as hostages, murdered and their families, those homes, residences and churche were burned and those who are displaced due to the recent violence that erupted. Our special prayers to Fr. Chito Sunganob, and church personnel who were taken forcibly while praying in the cathedral. We assure too our unity to our Catholic and Muslim brothers and sisters who profess in the same God/Allah.

My statement on Martial Law in Mindanao

There are sufferings in this world. Are all of them salvific?

Salvific suffering, (the one that brings us joy, freedom and happiness) like the vicarial suffering (a suffering which is not deserved) of Christ is a suffering that could lead us transform ourselves into new persons and be agents of transformation in our society. There are other kinds suffering that are not salvific. Why? Because they […]

Catholic Atheists?

The Holy Father recently gave a homily´╗┐ stating that if we are deaf and don’t listen to the word of God and put them into practice, we could become Catholic atheists. The consequence of which is blasphemy – when we don’t consider the sacred realities and the sacred things as such but desacralize them to […]