Can a politician become a saint? Can a saint become a politician?

Yes, We question on the positive if we consider of the existence of a true p[olitical vocation. A Political vocation Is like any other religious vocation that could lead a person into sanctity. A politician could become a saint if he is aware that politics is a service towards the “polis” the city.

Yes, there is a true and proper political vocation.

It is a personal calling that emerges from circumstances and is communicated through one’s conscience.

Those who believe clearly discern God’s voice entrusting them with a task.

But also those who do not adhere to any particular faith feel the political calling, perhaps inspired by a social need, by a minority group that needs help, by a violated human right, or by the desire to do something good for their city or nation.

Furthermore, the response to a political vocation is before all else an act of brotherhood. In fact, one does not become politically active simply in order to resolve a problem; one acts in response to a public need and deals with questions that concern others, wanting their good as if it were one’s own.

By living in this way, politicians are able to give their total attention to citizens, to get to know their needs and their resources. They are able to understand the history of their city, to value the heritage of its culture and its associations, to discern, little by little, its true vocation and to map out with confidence a path to be followed.

In fact, politics seen as love creates and preserves those conditions that allow all the other types of love to flourish: the love of young people who want to get married and who need a house and employment; the love of those who want to study and who need schools and books; the love of those who run their own businesses and who need roads and railways, clear and reliable laws….

Thus, politics is the love of all loves, gathering the resources of people and groups into the unity of a common design so as to provide the means for each one to fulfill in complete freedom his or her specific vocation.

But it also encourages people to co-operate, bringing together needs and resources, questions and answers, instilling mutual trust among all.

Politics can be compared to the stem of a flower, which supports and nourishes the fresh unfolding of the petals of the community.

Based from Essential Writings, Chiara Lubich